Hearing Services


Hearing Testing

Are you having difficulty hearing? Don't worry. No matter how light or heavy the issue, we'll give you a thorough hearing examination. Our tests are accurate and quick. Once we have your results, we'll devise an action plan with you on how to give you better hearing ability in a safe way.


Hearing Instruments

Once your hearing condition has been accurately identified, our team offers a variety of hearing instruments for you. No matter how mild or serious your hearing situation, we'll pair you with the perfect hearing instruments.


Instrument Repair

We specialize in top-notch hearing instrument repair. Our in-house repair is quick, efficient, and saves you the money having to buy brand-new instruments. If there is a way to fix it, we guarantee we'll find it!

Service & Cleaning

For standard maintenance, we service and clean your hearing instruments too. When it comes to your hearing instruments, it's best to let the professionals give it an official cleaning.

Instrument Batteries & Accessories

If you're running low on batteries or are looking for additional accessories to use with your hearing instrument, stop by one of our two locations. At John H. Payne Associates Inc. Hearing Services, you always have options!